9/11 Commission Member Killed After Private Jet Hits Severe Turbulence (

Peculiar considering only 3 other people in history have died this way…

What do you think?

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11 days ago

I’m wondering if voting this ‘avery’ person down actually let’s them know you read her or his comment.

Good article and point about the death. They seem to be cleaning house

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In Conclusion
In Conclusion
11 days ago

” said Ester Kurz, who hired Hyde for that first internship at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “In all the many jobs she had in Washington, and she had many, she was always driven by the desire to help others.” (Kurz retired from AIPAC in 2021 after 39 years.)

After two years as a legislative assistant at AIPAC, Hyde, who grew up in Oregon, worked on Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign and later in his White House. After getting a law degree from Georgetown, she served as counsel to the congressional 9/11 Commission. She spent time both in private practice and in government, including as CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a Senate-confirmed position.

Hyde will be buried in Israel today. ”

from article “Jewish Insider”

11 days ago

Have y’all seen the latest snl skit, with this nfl player ?

it was FULL of subliminal messaging, one of them about promoting pedos, another about incest, in that one the scene had a bizarre portrait on the wall, and a clock stuck on one hour, a card game tittled ” against humanity”..maybe Vigilante Citizen can decipher the codes of this scene…and the messaging behind the whole episode

the whole sketch was full of filthy abominations..

11 days ago
Reply to  Gillian

What time did the clock read, do you recall?

10 days ago
Reply to  Gillian

Was it the one with the American Girl Cafe skit? My parents watch crappy SNL and I remember the waiter asking the weird guy sitting with his dolls if he was a sex offender and there was black and white stripes in the background. I didn’t see the rest of the skit though since the show is completely unbearable to sit through.

10 days ago

I Found them on the SNL site itself,

This one promotes unhinged adultery, p**n style..:

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Too Hot to Handle –

This one shows mixed race parents with a white cuck father, who enjoys watching his wife sleep with others. One of the others is invited at a family reunion, to explain to the kids thatthey spent all their college fund money on this male escort, and that they’re proud of it in kind of a sing along…..

now watch the background, lots of symbols, these are the ones i was able to retrieve and explore….a book in the small book cupboard behind the parents called The Good German, now this what it says about it ::

:”Set in Berlin following the Allied victory over the Nazis, it begins as a murder mystery but weaves in elements involving the American postwar employment of N**i rocket scientists in Operation Paperclip.

The film was shot in black-and-white and is designed to imitate the appearance of film noir from the 1940s, although it also includes material – such as sex scenes and swearing – that would have been prohibited by the Production Code. Its poster is a homage to the poster for the classic film Casablanca ”

Another book i was able to retrieve is this one :

The Four Winds, and this is what it says about it :

 ” Relationship to other Mythological Figures
The demon Pazuzu, who first appeared in the early Iron Age, likely draws his iconography and much of his character from the Four Winds. He is also assigned the role of king over the lilu or wind demons as a category.

Franz Wiggermann claims that due to iconographic links (a shared crouching posture), Pazuzu may have been derived specifically from the masculine West Wind.There are also theories that Pazuzu possessing four wings represents his control over the totality of the wind demons. In one myth, Pazuzu narrates ascending a mountain, where he encounters other winds and breaking their wings. ”

I could’nt read the tittles of the other books…

There’s also the game Jenga, which is about building towers, before they come crumbling down…

And that bizarre portrait on the wall, with a dark red blooded sinister background, and what seems to be either a child or doll, most likely a child…gives off a child sacrifice and torture vibe…

Plus the clothes seem to give off some sort code, the mother in red (colour of sacrifice and danger, also wickedness [the devil]), the father and 2 of the kids wearing the same colour of the elite, purple…

The black guy wearing leopard skin pattern, maybe pointing to as a jungle guy ( a racist remark, unbeknownst to the actor)..

There’s also these 3 portraits of houses, each changing facades..

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Family Meeting –

Here’s the pedo promo sketch :

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: American Girl Café –

this is the gay promo for straight males..:

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Straight Male Friend –

This one, the girl is proud to be a b*tch, stiffing off one guy, to sleep with her ex, in her bedroom, a big portrait of monarch butterlies, the guy stiffed shows up, the white guy shows his cuck side, invites him to bed with them, and confesses to being positive to either an std or a virus, and they all laugh it off…

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Garrett from Hinge –

This one mocks white guys a geeks and cucks, that even white old ladies mock them…

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Please Don’t Destroy – Self-Defense –

this one mocking the dead, and again children learning about their parents sexual perversions :

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Mama’s Funeral –

This one about bimbo b*tch girl :

Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Abby the Ex-Girlfriend –

So, at the end of the show, you get the message that humans are stupid, conceited, vain, superficial, deviant, perverted and therefore exploitative… as the cards said; cards against humanity… And they’ve dealt there cards well…

Thus hate and despise humans, your neighbors, and delve and indulge into hedonism yourself.

The devil could’nt ask for more or Pazuzu!!

10 days ago
Reply to  Gillian

i tried to publish the first time with the direct links, it seems it would’nt be published, so now this is my second try, with the tittles of the links, so you could still find them…

8 days ago
Reply to  Gillian

I haven’t watched this stuff and won’t, so thank you for the breakdowns.

“Plus the clothes seem to give off some sort code, the mother in red (colour of sacrifice and danger, also wickedness [the devil]), the father and 2 of the kids wearing the same colour of the elite, purple…
The black guy wearing leopard skin pattern, maybe pointing to as a jungle guy ( a racist remark, unbeknownst to the actor).”

red can mean beta or delta programming, depending on context, so it can be a signal for either the sex kitten or the violent warrior. Given the rest of what’s happening here, it makes me wonder if it is both, with the warrior part being cloaked in an ongoing kind of stealth – making men surrender without a fight and to actually enjoy their own cuckolding.

The animal print on the black guy may indicate that he is being used as a sexual conduit (beta slave) to achieve a desired end. He’s acting this way from the programming, too. Maybe in a less humiliating position than the white father, but no less a tool.

Also, Red is one-sided (left) brain activity while purple means they have achieved enlightenment and graduated into their proper roles. So, the red, blue, black and white, etc, is still in lower levels of base programming, with black and white being the lowest base. This is the initial, very violent foundation that begins the shattering of normal emotions and synapses. For example: if one is slated to become a Grand Dame, she will only wear purple once she has reached the dissociated levels at the culmination of all her base programming deemed necessary for her to ascend fully into that role. It means she has arrived. Are they claiming victory over the white men and their children? Still programming the mothers, but it’s working?

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