Pfizer acquired Seagen, a global biotechnology company that "discovers, develops and commercializes transformative cancer medicines".



It acquired this company on Dec 2023. I actually saw this from a comment on here when I was searching for articles about the COVID vaccine.

Seeing this made the case I had in mind seem even stronger than it did.

So, I was reading an article on the daily mail about a tiktok nutritionist talking about the 10 food habits to avoid if you want to prevent cancer, and it had a picture of Kate Middleton on as clickbait.

One of the comments said that since Kate was the epitome of a health conscious individual, wouldn’t putting a picture of her there be ironically doing a disservice to this article. 

Then someone said in reply that in spite of some people thinking the Royal family didn’t get the real vaccine, they personally believed that they did get a real one.


Here is an article of Charles and Camilla.


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.


And Sarah Ferguson.


A video of Kate Middleton getting vaccinated.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are now dead within a few short years. 

Sarah Ferguson, “King” Charles (I don’t like him) and the Princess of Wales, Catherine, all have cancer around the same time as one YouTube comment noted.

Isn’t this very sus? 

What a haunting realization to come to. 

That the royal family may not be dying because of natural causes.

Let’s not forget.

Lol. He just doesn’t want to cut the line. The corrupt apex capitalist is simply oh so very kind and chivalrous.

In spite of everything, God is always above every situation.

This serves as a reminder for us to be more prudent and not to be so quick to trust “the experts” like some very unfortunately made the mistake of doing.

I’m also hoping and praying they both make a full recovery, especially for Catherine.

What do you think?

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28 days ago

They need to control the cure?