Vigilant Links is a social bookmarking site where members can post information from all kinds of sources (articles, pictures, videos, social media, etc.) and discuss them with other members. In order to preserve the quality of the site and its general vision, links that are submitted by users are reviewed and manually approved according to the following guidelines:

1- Links should originate from credible and verifiable sources.
2- Links should be related to the topics discussed on Vigilant Links’ sister site The Vigilant Citizen.
3- Links should not be spam, advertising, or self-promotion.
4- The link should not contain any “offensive” content. This includes gore, violence, and p*********y.
5- Links should not be defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, containing personal information, infringing copyright, encouraging unlawful activity, or otherwise violating any laws.

Links might get rejected for various other reasons: Duplicate, low quality, photoshopped, etc.


Comments are moderated according to the following guidelines. Violations might result in the removal of offending comments. Repeated violations might result in account ban

  1. Do not post spam, advertising, self-promotion.
  2. Do not post “offensive” posts, links, or images. This includes gore, violence, and p*********y.
  3. Do not post material that is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity or otherwise violates any laws.
  4. Do not attack members on a personal level. This includes insults, name-calling, flaming, baiting, and repeated harassment.
  5. Do not post anything that constitutes hate speech against a race, a religion, or any other group.
  6. Do not purposely troll, derail or ridicule discussions and members.
  7. Do not create alternate or “sock puppet” accounts. This will result in the permanent ban of all accounts

Tips For a Quality Post

1- Sometimes, the system cannot automatically import a featured image from your link and will display an error such as:

Once you close this error message, you will have the option of either uploading an image from your computer or pasting in the URL of an image from the net:

If you do not provide an image, a default “Vigilant Links” logo will appear instead of an image.

2- In many cases, the system will automatically import a description from the link you’ve posted. Sometimes there is no description available. Feel free to provide your own description and personal insight.

3- The system automatically imports the title of your link. Please make sure there are no strange symbols in the title or that it hasn’t been cut off.

By following these tips, your post will more likely gain traction and generate interesting discussions!

Social Media Statuses

Social media statuses can be posted on Vigilant Links using a couple of methods. First, you can take a screenshot and post it on the site as an image.

A better way of doing this is by embedding the actual status on the page using the “Embed” feature. First, you need to copy the embed code of the Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook status you want to post.

Then, simply paste the code on Vigilant Links and the site will take automatically take care of the rest.

In short, make sure your post meets this site’s basic standards of quality.