Burger King Brazil Launches (and Deletes) an Ad for Children with Former Pornographic Actor Kid Bengala

Burger King Brazil recently released a video promoting its sandwiches featuring former adult film star Kid Bengala. After a massive backlash, the video was deleted. Here’s a look at that fiasco.

Do you remember childhood days when the weekend would come and our parents would take us out for a good sandwich and some fries? And we ate like it was the last time because we couldn’t eat junk food every week? And don’t we also associate hamburgers with penises? Good times. I write this wistfully because those times are truly gone. All thanks to Burger King Brazil, the top 6 fast-food chain in the world.

In a promotional video posted on Burger King’s official social media accounts, Kid Bengala spends exactly 44 seconds straight comparing the incredible authentic barbecue-flavored Whopper sandwich with his p***s. In case you didn’t know, this guy is a former pornographic actor who has appeared in over 100 films and posts material on OnlyFans and Privacy. Now, he appears in an advertisement aimed at children.

In the video, Kid Bengala made bad puns, associating fast food with sexual things.

The Whopper is nothing artificial. Giant like me. The thing is big and it doesn’t fit in my mouth. This is revenge. This is real, this is exaggeration, this is real food. BK is fire. Whoever said that size is not a document has never seen this exaggeration.

Entering the official Burger King website, we see the promotion of Whopper sandwiches, which is the theme of the promotional video with Kid Bengala. Not long later, on the same website, an advertisement for Combo King Jr appeared – marketed towards children.

I look at this image and see pure fun.

I look at this image and see pure fun.

That being said, the video was not well received. After a flood of negative comments and around 90% disapproval, Burger King deleted the video. However, the ad was resubmitted by other sources.

The deletion of the video did not calm tempers. In fact, many people are commenting on other Burger King posts, accusing the company of promoting the normalization of pedophilia.

A recent post with many negative comments.

This other post associates sandwiches with marijuana. More disapproving comments.

In a statement, Burger King justified the exclusion of the advertising piece from the networks:

BK has always been recognized for being a brand with modern, humorous and provocative communication, which attracts attention and creates conversations on social media. Thus, we are always able to expand our voice and our products through iconic campaigns, like the one we carried out to communicate the return of King em Dobro, for example. To communicate the promotion of 2 Whoppers for R$25, we created the Exagero campaign, which in a fun way, brings puns that have the sole objective of entertaining our audience, mostly young people aged 18 and over. In order not to increase discussions and polarization on the networks, we chose to remove the material from the air.

They couldn’t have used more cynical words. First, they make an almost subliminal advertisement by mentioning the “promotion of 2 Whoppers for R$25” in the middle of the note. Second, they assume they made the video to be “provocative,” even if such provocation implies being associated with child grooming.

Third and last, the main audience for Burger King and its campaign is clearly children. Just walk past a BK with your child and he will immediately be attracted to the images of sandwiches and milkshakes. Furthermore, the promotional video was made for Instagram and TikTok, and it doesn’t take much in-depth research to know that these are the social networks most used by Brazilian children and teenagers: 64% and 60%, respectively, have profiles on these two applications. Did the articulate marketing of one of the largest fast-food chains not know this fact?

The answer is obvious but still disgusting: they knew it would reach kids and released the video anyway. Although it came as a surprise to many, another Burger King advertisement from 2021 had the same objective: attracting children.

It is not the First Time

Is this kid in a BK ad about to tell the world about the wonder of playing in the sand? No, she talked about homosexuality.

In 2021, with the aim of supporting the LGBTQUIAP+ cause, Burger King announced the launch of the “How to explain?” campaign, signed by the David agency. Throughout the promotional video, children spoke their opinions about homosexuality. Incredible as it may seem, all the children had fully formed views on the topic. According to BK, the responses were completely spontaneous (of course).

The entire marketing semiotics and campaign premise were 100% indoctrination pieces. Here is the video:

The campaign’s main video features technical elements tailored to evoke sympathy from the public, without there being a real understanding of the topic being addressed. For example, the caricatured children’s music takes us to a feeling of innocence of the children who appear in the video and conveys an educational tone. So, with three seconds of video, these visual and sound effects can already make for a pleasant preset.

The use of children is also not random. Naturally, the children’s voice combined with the nursery-style music adds more poignancy to what is being said. Apparently, there is no problem using this type of marketing to promote a message. However, everything about Burger King’s campaign points to insidious indoctrination: no matter whether what is said is based on facts or not, the public is much more attracted to the visual and sound elements, and this already grants a false sense of security. rationality.

On Burger King’s official website, more daydreaming is going on.

A screenshot of a bizarre employee counter on the website.

So, apparently the new specialty of some Burger King employees is to fall under the LGBTQUIAP+ acronym. This is proof that this agenda is pure madness and indoctrination. Additionally, Burger King also published a primer that is basically a summary of the entire gender blurring agenda. Once again, the drawings and the nude background color in the document convey childishness and visual comfort.

In Conclusion

If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a pretty visible timeline going on in Burger King’s marketing. After massive annual campaigns promoting sexuality for children, they decide to have former pornographic actor Kid Bengala speaking as a party entertainer in a video made for Instagram and TikTok. It doesn’t take much imagination to connect a few dots and understand the underlying agenda that’s happening here.

Now that Burger King has deleted the video from their official accounts, one question may be asked: do they regret what they did? Well, in its own note after the controversy, BK states that it removed the video just to “not increase the discussion and polarization on the networks”. In fact, the problem here was actually polarization on the Internet, not a former p**n star telling kids that the Whopper sandwich is as big as their p***s.

Thanks for the clarification, Burger King. Let’s all enjoy the combo right now!

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14 days ago

Boycott BK for good!

brazilian boy
brazilian boy
13 days ago

Estão destruindo o Brasil. A agenda 2030 segue a todo vapor.

8 days ago

Burger King has been closing stores here in California. They are losing big time to McDonalds.

Brazil is standing up against this garbage. Protect the children!