The "Miracle on The Hudson" – Was it One Giant Passion Play?

On January 15, 2009 Chesley “Sully” Sullenburger landed a passenger airplane US Airways flight 1549 in The Hudson River just minutes after taking off from LaGuardia airport on the way to Charlotte, North Carolina. The official reason was bird strike that simultaneously knocked out both engines. 

Sully became an instant international ‘hero’ with around the clock praise for saving the lives of all 155 on board. 150 passengers and 5 crew members – they sure made a big deal about this number not sure why. 

There has been some discussion about ‘passion plays’ recently. I got to thinking how these work and how often is this kind of stuff pulled on the unsuspecting public?  This event strikes me as a good example of something that was orchestrated from start to finish to maximize the emotional response from a devastated public.

It was dubbed “The most successful plane crash in history”. Successful? For whom? 

The first thing to consider is what else was happening on or around that day that could be the big news story that is effectively buried by the media frenzy surrounding this event. Unless something was memory holed the two main stories were the US housing collapse that led to a market free fall in which millions of people lost much of their 401 k’s and other stocks and savings disappeared over night. The country was in despair with trauma that so many people lost so much so fast. The second is Barack Obama was inaugurated 5 days later as the 44th US President.

If the Julian Calendar was used this day would be January 2, 2009 which would also be a Thursday – but a strange factoid found that if it were named after a polygon it would be called ‘digon’ day. Sounds a lot like Dagon the fish demon. 

The first thing that struck me about this story in the research is that the co-pilot Jeff Skiles was actually flying the plane when the supposed bird strike happened. Although younger than Sully, Skiles had more hours flying commercial planes. The internet lists Sully’s net worth at 2 million while Skiles is 5 million. I suspect Skiles was one of Sully’s handlers – another one being his ‘wife’ Lorrie (more on that later).

Sully graduated high school in the 99 percentile and with Mensa status for his intelligence. He graduated from the US Airforce Academy earning an Outstanding Cadet in Airmanship Award also earning a Masters degree in Psychology from Purdue U. He earned his wings in 1975 and stayed on for 5 more years before becoming a commercial pilot with US Airways where he spent the next 30 years.

Jeff Skiles, in an interview on Charlie Rose (a clear Mason) said he was the least effected of the crew and was ready to go back to work less than a month after the incident. He could not identify how long of time it was between the bird strike and the landing. He said there was no data on that although 3.5 minutes was mentioned by Rose in an awkward moment it appeared he was not supposed to ask about. Skiles also didn’t know what type of birds they were – a DNA test was to be done. 

He also said there were 25 simulations done in the days following as part of the investigation – all 25 simulations crashed trying to get back to LaGuardia. Every article I looked at had different information about how the investigation was handled and the results. It was a cloud of confusion what the investigation revealed. Originally, what was said in the extras on the DVD movie, the investigators determined they could have returned and landed at LaGuardia. It wasn’t until later when this was debunked because one of the flight simulator pilots had only 17 simulations of experience and so their results were over turned.

Sully and Skiles went on to work with the EAA – Experimental Aircraft Association. Skiles was VP of Communities and Member Programs.

Notice the clear upside 6 in the logo. This organization works closely with the Young Eagles which recruits 8-17 year olds to learn about flying by getting free flights. I got the impression this group is a grooming organization searching for kids. Harrison Ford got involved – at the Santa Monica Airport they had a big promotion.

Ford looks creepy in this picture – he always seems creepy to me.

I suspect Sully was a fine young man wanting to serve his country. Over the years he was softened up by Lilly wave bombardment and eventually recruited into a mind control program. He was ‘put on ice’ living a seeming normal life until the time when he would be used to pull off some black budget Psy-Op. 

His wife and children are highly suspicious as transgender. The story goes they could not conceive children so they adopted two ‘girls’. Wife Lorrie has an unusually large cranium and a masculine trachea – and notice the hand sign.

Nice hidden hand sign in the last picture Lorrie

In the extras on the DVD of the movie Sully is quite revealing. First thing one notices is the Hollywood voiceover. He sounds like he is doing a supernatural thriller movie it’s over the top.

Hanks is wearing pink lipstick and a lot of makeup – one of the actresses that played a stewardess gushed over him being “like a chameleon” in his ability to play other people. 

Sully has flat lifeless eyes – he appears soulless when compared to years previous. 

In an interview on CBS (network soon to employ Sully as a safety expert) Lorrie said “it’s just amazing how all the pieces came together so successfully, and I think everybody needed some good news, frankly. I know at our house, we watch the news and day after day, we’d say ‘I just don’t knowhow much more bad news we can take.’ And so not only am I glad my husband is happy, healthy and alive today, but just for the nation, I just didn’t want to have another bad news accident for anybody’s family.” 

Sully was paraded all over the place. He was honored at Obama’s inauguration, Superbowl XLIII in which Jennifer Hudson performed for the 1st time since her ‘tragedy’. Many believe Hudson sacrificed ‘her’ (also transgender) mother, brother and nephew in her satanic quest for fame. Instead the brother in law took the fall. Sully presented at the WEF in 2011.

Across several articles and the film extra details of the event are all slightly different. I’ve noticed often times in these enormous cover ups the details vary from source to source which creates plausible deniability and confusion. I also noticed people often work at network tv stations after a black op like this.

Sully seems like an innocent victim. I think he was taken over by the establishment while in the military and got attached to handlers like wife Lorrie and co-pilot Jeff Skiles.  

From previous research in mind control operations I would bet Sully never flew this plane at all. At the appropriate time he was either incapacitated or changed altars into a neutral passive state to get thorough programming after the event. Lorrie said when she first saw him 48 hours after he had lost 13 lbs looked gaunt with giant black circles around his eyes and was depressed. She said he suffered with migraines, nightmares, high blood pressure and sleeplessness for weeks after.

The obligatory adult cartoons had episodes about it – Family Guy and American Dad.

What do you think?

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8 months ago

“to soil, stain, or tarnish. to mar the purity or luster of; defile: to sully a reputation.”
“early 13c., “to defile or pollute with sin,” from Old French soillier “to splatter with mud, to foul or make dirty,” originally “to wallow” (12c., Modern French souillier), from souil “tub, wild boar’s wallow, pigsty,” which is from either Latin solium “tub for bathing; seat” (from PIE *sodio- “seat,” from root *sed- “to sit”) or Latin suculus “little pig,” from sus “pig.” Literal meaning “to make dirty, begrime” is attested from c. 1300 in English. Related: Soiled; soiling.”

Skiles is a hereditary surname for a person who was either wild or clamorous. The name was originally derived from the German word “schel,” which means “noisy” or “loud.” Early Origins of the Skiles family The surname Skiles was first found in Westphalia, where the name emerged in mediaeval times as one of the notable families of the region.

This is interesting, I never realized there was anything much to see here beyond the pat story. I had ditched cable/news already but wasn’t really aware of conspiracies beyond the most glaring ones.

Last edited 8 months ago by lgageharleya
8 months ago
Reply to  lgageharleya

‘Spelling’… incantations… the oldest sources reveal a lot about how words/meanings/language has been used/manipulated by the usurpers.

Nuthin’ t’ see here folks moooooove along… GASP! OMG! LOOK OVER THERE!!!

“… The first desideratum of those controlling both ((True & ‘official’)) stories is that you, the public, be kept monumentally confused, so that you can never ask the proper questions. This end is achieved by having many competing theories. In this way,…(the 1st fake is) only the official fake story. But the other fake stories are just as important in the long-running effort to make it seem that there is no right answer. The storytellers are quite satisfied to have an ever growing mass of speculation and opinion, which almost inevitably must overwhelm all investigators. The more diversions that are created, the less likely it is that anyone will discover the real clues….
The problem from the beginning is that you have been given theories before you looked at the facts yourself. I will turn that on its head, giving you the facts before I tell you the whole story. You will have already built your own theory, most likely, before I even begin collating. The facts alone will take you there. I will present to you the most critical facts and clues and photos and other evidence, without at first looking at them as part of one theory or another. As Sherlock Holmes told us, it is dangerous to have a theory before you have the facts….”
~ Miles Mathis

I haven’t yet found his take on the posted story, if he’s written it I’d like to read it; he’s deconstructed many, many events through history, including detailed tracing of the usurpers’/actors’ genealogy/faked genealogy back to the peerage, to expose the ‘keeping-it-in-the-*family*’ connections between the actors involved. He’s invalidated- labeled ‘crazy’/wrong’, ignored; even refuted/rebutted – without being named, of course – in the mainstream media when he puts out an essay online. In the realm of physics where he cannot be allowed to be heard, his papers reveal the ‘official-story physics’ as the subterfuge-clap-trap it actually is (he’s far more ‘dangerous’ than Rupert Sheldrake in the sciences Banned TED Talk: The Science Delusion – Rupert Sheldrake at TEDx Whitechapel – YouTube ) He’s also a genius portrait artist who teaches us what specific inconsistencies to look for that exposes faked photos.
I’ll quote some more from a recent MM essay; I’m removing specifics about the event he’s addressing, because this is/has been his way of writing about everything he deconstructs (emphasis his ((mine)))…

“… It put all eyes on the visible actors for many years, solidifying the theater…
It is for that reason you can’t be told the truth: the truth isn’t seen as cleansing, although it erases ((a cover-up event)). The truth is more damning than any coup or assassination, since once you start pulling on that thread you quickly come to the conclusion I did: the same conclusion … anonymous source((s)) comes to: IT’S ALL FAKE. You aren’t living in a Republic or anything like it, and never were. You are living in a Matrix of lies told to break your mind, wash it, and fill it with whatever mush suits the suits. You are a cow to be milked by the merchants and nothing more. The world isn’t run by capitalists or even plutocrats, it is run by a predatory cabal of old families who have owned it for five thousand years or more, and they are corrupt beyond all imagining. Their corruption has always been awful, but it is currently waxing. It has been on a steep rise for the past century (Modernism), and since WWII it has gone into overdrive. Ironically, that overdrive was caused by a surfeit of success, as well as the rise of the. . . CIA. Though WWII was another big fake in many ways, it did have the real result of extending and solidifying the old power structures. The world owned by the Phoenician Navy since time immemorial had just become much smaller, and a lot of that was due to television and the explosion of media, which has now become a flood. The internet only accelerated that even more.
Unfortunately for them, what had seemed to be the font of ultimate control somehow got out of their control. The media, which had seemed at first to be a genie of all boons, has turned into a Pandora’s box of buried curses. In its relentless pecking, the Phoenix is now unearthing a maze of mole tunnels and a labyrinth of disasters, natural and unnatural.
In reaction to that, the only thing the Phoenix can think to do is turn up the lies even more….
If you aren’t following me, let me put it this way: … I am almost 60, so I have been watching this theater for a long time. The current scriptwriters have lost their touch, since all subtlety in delivery is gone. The scriptwriters have gotten younger and stupider I guess, and they don’t remember how it used to be. And, as everywhere else, they have fired all the continuity writers: those whose job it is to make sure today’s episode doesn’t contradict yesterday’s episode….” ~MM UPDATES

Even if one doesn’t believe him on a particular event’s meaning or exposures of True/false/hidden/ official documentation, reading his essays makes it clear what “attention to detail” looks like & actually is; we’ve all been severely dumbed down… deliberately trained to ignore True details (‘God is in the details’) & defer to ‘the experts’ false details (the devil is in those details), taught to allow our attention to be diverted & focused in thousands of irrelevant directions ((TV… tik-tok, anyone?)), to ask the wrong questions, accept confusing contradictions as simply ‘unknowable’ and to ignore an awful lot ‘the officials/experts’ aren’t willing to acknowledge so either kick under the carpet or cover-up, however well or poorly.