SNL riffs on 'A Christmas Carol'; Apple Pay in bloody holiday skit (

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” used Apple Pay as the punchline to a sketch that turned the concluding scene from “A Christmas Carol” into a bloodbath.

One eyed Apple pay.

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1 month ago

They always have to desecrate everything.

Last edited 1 month ago by katb
1 month ago

Tacky and cringe inducing. Probably some ritual blood sacrifice messaging. Not funny.

1 month ago

This strikes me as an old guard snideism on #metoo.

The first orphan is clearly a young woman. Scrooge throws her coins and his money “gouges” her. She remains, though, and when he throws more it gouges her other eye out and now she is blinded, yet stands, feet still planted firmly before them.

The remainder of the skit goes on in this vein.

It’s gross, because the tie-in is that they are effecting “charity” through a real heart change and desire to do good, while we all know, as do they, that they are preying on the ambitious less fortunate.

But the truth remains that those who come in supplication to these types do so well aware of the prices of admission and do not seem overall to much mind said prices at the time when they are so very near their dreams. A little compromise here or there is a small price to realize a major breakthrough. To claim victimization later does seem hypocritical.