After the indignation of Internet users, the biggest comic book festival in France cancels its exhibition on an author promoting p*dophilia and inc*st

The Comic Book festival in Angoulême just cancels the participation of Bastien Vivès after a petition against his coming gathered more than 100,000 signatures (the festival welcomes around 200,000 people a year).

One of his most controversial comic strips Petit Paul: “relates the adventures of a ten-year-old boy, Paul, who, endowed with a huge p*nis, finds himself confronted with the lust of the women around him with whom he ends up having exclusively sexual adventures.”

Then, he publishes “The Mental Discharge” where he stages three young girls of 10, 15 and 18 who have sex with an adult. In this comic, child p*********y, p*********y and incestuous scenes are explicitly drawn.

Add to this his remarks in a magazine “Incest, it excites me to death” and the fact that he had harassed and called for violence on the children of a designer

Lastly there is a beatifull one-eye-sign on his Instagram

What do you think?

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1 month ago

Would be better if there was a link to the petition

1 month ago

Good call and a 100,000 sigs wow.

That Petit Paul wouldn’t get hardly a reaction here.


Most US comicbook conventions will wet themselves and cancel guests (and volunteers) if a Tumblrina finds out someone agreed with Comicsgate/Gamergate/AngryPuppies/MAGA/antiCOVID/etc and then calls out her personal army of a couple hundred pinkhairdos.
-a personal army of people who weren’t going to go to the convention or care about the fandom anyway

Larry Correia and Ethan Van Sciver absolutely destroy them whenever it is tried on them

1 month ago

Good for France!