PayPal Says Policy Allowing Fine of $2,500 for 'Misinformation' Was an Error, But Not Everyone Buys This Excuse (

PayPal says that the notice it sent warning about a fine for misinformation was just a mistake, but many do not believe that explanation.

What do you think?

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randall hewgley
randall hewgley
1 year ago

“You may not use the PayPal service for activities that … relate to … the promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory or the financial exploitation of a crime ….”

So if you donate to a church PayPal decides is intolerant they can directly take money from your account. At their sole discretion!

So agree with evil or get fined.

From the article:

I am not able to login on android. I put in my email and password and it tells me I failed the captcha.. However there was no captcha
Presented. Computer is down

1 year ago

Just seems like a way to cover their own a***s

1 year ago

This is the way the one world government operates. You consent to giving the one world government the authority to enslave you in exchange for access to your own money.

The federal government, which is actually an arm of the global government, is preparing to offer you ‘guaranteed income’ in various forms in an effort to coerce and bribe you into consenting to enslave yourself to the demons that empower the one world government.