Amazon Accused of Selling 'Suicide Kits' to Teenagers in New Lawsuit (

Online retail giant Amazon is being accused of selling “suicide kits” to teenagers in a new lawsuit. The lawsuit was brought on by the families of two teenagers, 16-year-old Kristine Jónsson of Ohio and 17-year-old Ethan McCarthy of West Virginia, who used the items to take their own lives. According to the lawsuit, when users…

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3 months ago

Banning the sale of such a useful product like sodium nitrite is right with the elite agenda. Want plants growing on the same soil year after year? Use that in your fields it starts getting absorbed instantly. You can kill trees you don’t want, get rid of stumps, give your crops a boost, make some nice fireworks, fight some evil over reaching governing body, gold, make fuses. Getting rid of a book on suicide for kids is understandable but they’re calling for banning sodium nitrite sales in this lawsuit. Products you can use to kill yourself including glue inhalation, bleach, carbon monoxide, an endless multitude of other products even mixing a few household chemicals are all being ignored. This lawsuit is an excuse to prevent the sale of sodium nitrite in particular.

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3 months ago
Reply to  Elicia

I agree. I thought so immediately too, but mainly though of the food preservation use, as they want us to be helpless in that regard, especially once their attacks against meat supply and home flocks/herds finalize and, importantly, they restrict electricity from commoners.
This is their typical false flag alarmism combined with a sidestory of grief and empathy (they don’t care if they sacrifice some or just lie) to sell it.

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