WEF Says 'Billions' Who Complied With Lockdown Restrictions Will Also Comply With 'Social-Credit Scheme' (

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1 year ago

Too bad the demons these snakes worship don’t help them to not lose their hair, what a shame 🤡 This just goes to show that ALL that had to happen to never allow any of this to go forward was simple non-compliance, like so very many people have been shouting from the rooftops. Every single person who ever put a muzzle on or complied with a single command (and no, I have never complied with one single thing. Not one time ever.) is the reason the nwo is not going to be stopped, no exceptions. Oh sure, there are all kind of excuses for complying, but the absolute truth is that this would never have gotten off the ground if a majority of people had simply not complied at all ever.

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