Corporate Media to Peasants: ‘Be a Climate Hero, Kill Yourself’ (

 The corporate press, as aggregated here, is a half-step away from headlines like ‘Kill Yourself, Smother Your Children With a Pillow, and Pull the Plug on Grandma’s Oxygen Tank.’

What do you think?

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1 month ago

I would consider it if Bill Gates, Klaus a**l Schwab, Obama, the EU leaders, and the UN whackos all did humanity a service and showed us by example, offing themselves in the name of climate change and leading the way. They go first, then we can think of it. Deal?

1 month ago

The elites own the businesses, how will they maintain their own grotesque living standards if they can’t sell us excess gadgets, stupid fashion and fast food? If we are all humbly eating our healhty portions of lentils, scrolling through our seven year old phones and hoarding clothing because we are rationed to three new items a year, not much profit opportunity for them.