CBS Mornings Blames Climate Change for the Increasing Number of Fat Kids (VIDEO) (

Here is another example of why you should never trust the fake news media. CBS Mornings blamed climate change for the epidemic of fat kids in America today. It’s not the iPads, iPhones, or computers that are making kids fat and lethargic. It’s global warming. Umm, ok. Today’s children are 30% less aerobically fit than…

What do you think?

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9 months ago

That headline is misleading. The “Temperature” study is the issue. The host basically said the same thing you said in that inactivity is more related to technology than temperatures.

I think it’s important that we decipher news and spread accuracy.

9 months ago

That’s just sad, they also have* unhealthy minds which is what the controller cult wants despite the news blaming it on climate even though climate is controlled by harp ( add an extra r). A child needs good food, outdoor exercise where they can use their mind as much as their bodies, love and guidance to know when to stop eating or start before they even get this age it should be natural to them to just eat what they require and stop.

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