Police fire on Dutch farmers protesting environmental rules that will shut down farms (

Farmers protesting nitrogen emission cuts in the Netherlands gathered again after police fired what they said were warning shots, with no end in sight to the unrest.

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1 year ago

Same as yellow jackets. When people protest because they can’t survive anymore, they silence them definitely by hurting them violently or killing them. That way they show an example and kill the protest in the womb because they believe people won’t risk their life protesting again. But when you don’t have anything to lose, what will stop the protests ?

1 year ago
Reply to  lefruit555

I think most of yellow jackets where genuine people who suffered, but the whole thing was unfortunately prepared in advance and calculated and there are proofs of that. Potentially, everything you witness nowadays is planned and thought. People believe in musk, trump, Putin, you name them, but they’re all part of the plan. The main thing I learnt in the last 2 years is that the only person I can trust is myself, and the only authority I have to comply to is my own judgement. I wish you all the best my French brother.