Groomed – How Schools Sexualize Your Children

A bombshell documentary released on Wednesday describes the left’s systemic grooming campaign against children in woke schools using LGBT indoctrination material.

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11 months ago

Ruining these kids

11 months ago

I can’t even begin a conversation about this.
First, bc it deserves NONE, period.
Second bc they have already – b4 even this – been destroying my & so many others’ babes.
If you ever ‘wake up’ to the realization you are being abused as an adult, don’t leave (yep, despite what told). Your abuser will take your babes, and every system along the way will cosign your abuser’s bs.
And then of course, your/now your babes’ abuser will allow whatever to happen to them in school or otherwise. Bc they are not even capable of caring for your babes, AND are also likely abusing them themselves. It’s a very rare person that abuses their spouse, but not their babes (and they are much smarter now than to be physical. or too wussie). Or has such desire to break you that they devise the taking of your very babes, BUT still intends on ‘raising them well (behind closed doors).’
The ‘systems’ know this long before we, and have zilch interest in a protective parent actually being able to parent. They will twist any & every available opening, just as the abuser. It most certainly does not have to be bc of or involving DV, but it’s defy a quick/easy co-joining of psychopaths (your abuser + any of these systems).

We need to rid all of these extensions that we pay to do our jobs. It hasn’t worked and they’ve proven to not have our best interests (to say the least) in mind. Maybe in little bitty communities (with gentle militias) (or not so gentle, if necessary lol) we can better keep an eye on each other (in non-psychopathic ways) and fill each others’ gaps. There’s simply no one else that can do better for ourselves than our own selves.
Maybe and hopefully along the way, with some generational healing & ‘neighborly love,’ can then families ultimately group up & together too.