Church of Scotland apologises for its role in capturing and torturing witches (

The Church of Scotland has apologised for its part in the persecution and execution of thousands of people, mainly women, who were accused of being witches hundreds of years ago.

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5 months ago

What Hitler did was horrible, killed like 9 million Jews, but nobody really talks about the crusades. They went around the world and brutally killed and medieval style tortured 50-80 million people! While stealing all the gold, knowledge and rewriting history. Google the Vatican Archives. It’s a vault under the Vatican over 50 miles long, sealed off from the public, filled with things they stole during the crusades and who knows what else. They also made evil things seem good and good things seem evil. For ex: blood sacrifice ,why would God feel good about watching an innocent being being stabbed to death, and why does it make sense for an innocent being to pay for the sins that I committed? Also demonized the serpent, which represents the Kundalini (coil at the base of spine that spirals upward around the spine unlocking the chakras via meditation and other techniques). Look at the kaduceus symbol on the side of the ambulance.