The David Bowie song inspired by Buddhism, the occult and Nazis (

‘Quicksand’ is a peculiar concoction of ostensibly nonsensical lyrics. But upon inspection, they give a warped view into Bowie’s early fascination with the occult, N**i Germany, and Buddhism.

What do you think?

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4 months ago

“England is the strongest mystical force in the Western world,” he said. “We don’t know it, none of us know it now, but it’s being revived gradually. There are so many empires of magical thought in our country that we’ve lost, forgotten through the ages.”

This is probably the most important statement in the article. So many rabbit holes to go down with this.

4 months ago

In Buddhism, people negate God, themselves and others which is Satanism. Satan wants to erradicate God. He wants everyone to kill themselves and others. Buddhism makes people feel righteous when they deny God and others. Of course, when people negate the source of life, God, and negate life in others then people can justify perpetrating great evil.