'Too Smelly to Sleep': 13 Days in a Shanghai Isolation Facility (

After Leona Cheng tested positive for the coronavirus late last month, she was told to pack her bags for a hospital stay. When the ambulance came to her apartment in central Shanghai to pick her up two days later, no one said otherwise. So Cheng was surprised when the car pulled up not to a hospital but to a sprawling convention center. Inside, empty halls had been divided into living areas with thousands of makeshift beds. And on exhibition stall partitions, purple signs bore numbers demarcatin

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5 months ago

You know no one in there actually “tested positive for the coronavirus” like the article says. Just an excuse to throw average citizens in prison camps. It’s a control-test in their efforts to try to contain and control everyone in the world.

Lord help us

Last edited 5 months ago by hope
WillieJones Jr
WillieJones Jr
5 months ago

So she wasnt even sick?