Mind-reading robot tested on humans – reports (

Chinese scientists have built a wearable robot that can reportedly read a human mind by monitoring brain waves and muscle activity. Developers claim the machine was able to “recognize human intention” with 96% accuracy.

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8 months ago

Just another case of blowing up a small scientific project. However, I think it would be better for all of mankind if anyone working on scientific work like this were to die in a fatal car crash.

8 months ago

these people need to die. to Anon: do you really think this is AI tech being blown out of proportion? definitely suspicious to me since the concept of Mind Reading technology and “decoding the human brain” was a major topic of discussion at a recent World Economic Forum, where, in the same conversation, a woman on the panel gleefully pointed out that no society ever made laws protecting the contents of their mind or the idea of their internal monologue being private. I mean, no one ever made laws for that because it seems like an inherent, inalienable right that your thoughts belong to you, but this is the End Times, and we are at war.