Madonna shows off bruises in provocative photo shoot: 'Life has beaten me up' (

‘Life has beaten me up… only the devil cares…..’

What do you think?


  1. Anyone notice the framed picture of a woman holding a handgun in her mouth right behind her? These freaks love suicide.

    And it is true that no one but the Devil cares about the goblin of eternal youth that is Madonna

  2. Poor Madonna, who is now referring to herself on social media as “High Priestess Of The Illuminati”, has evidently confused the roll of High Priestess with that of Temple Prostitute. The real high priestess types are likely people few outsiders are aware of. She will likely eventually be thrown out on the side of the road or under the bus when her usefulness is at an end, especially if she isn’t bloodline. All the heavy handed plastic surgery evident in this photo will not stave off that day either, more than likely. Becoming a plastic surgery freak has never prolonged any celebrities career that I know of.

  3. In addition to the woman holding a gun in her mouth behind her. There is also another one where it looks like the girl has overdosed possibly.

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