Is This Song Actually About The Occult Elite?

An unsigned artist released this in 2019 as part of an album called Bread and Circuses. You decide what you think based on the lyrics. My commentery is in bold.

Firstly, the overall aesthetic of the video is of a wealthy business person, changing scenes from a conference hall to a famous rooftop restaurant in Chicago (VU Rooftop Bar, with its recognizable stag mural and sideways Masonic logo). All of that, plus the shots on top of a skyscraper, symbolize being above the rest of the world.

Verses 1&2:

Darling, don’t shoot the messenger
Didn’t hear this tip from me
But I’d be careful who you think you know

Golden boys ought not to throw rocks
In a castle made of glass
 [Implies the person in the song is actually in a vulnerable position to be saying these things]
But why must you make men into heroes?

Prechorus 1:

They say pride goes before a fall
Hate to rain on all your idols
  [Referencing that the celebrities we’re meant to look up to are actually sick, evil people behind the scenes]
Ooh, if you only saw
What’s behind closed doors

You can hang the scales of justice
Take us as your moral compass

Breaking our backs tryna get you to trust us  [Use of “us,” implying the song’s POV is one of “them”]
But if walls could talk… (shhh)


Top of the food chain and I’m looking down [Vantage point continues to imply actually being part of the elite’s circle]
These are the things that I can’t say out loud [Seems to indicate wanting to speak out but being unable]
If you can think it they’ve done that as well  [References the depravity of the rich and untouchable]
I’ve seen things, I’ve seen things, I’ve seen things

Verses 3&4:

Darling, check your soul at the door
Never dare to rock the boat
And don’t you stray from the yellow brick road  [Wizard of Oz reference — MK Ultra? Also, if you watch the video, the singer clicks her heels together like Dorothy.]

Know you’ll have to wear a collar
If you plan to wear a crown [Collar as in dog collar, meaning if you want the influence of a king you still have to be their slave]
And it’s a long way down the rabbit hole [Follow the white rabbit, obvious Alice in Wonderland symbolism]

Prechorus 2:

It’s survival of the richest
Nothing personal, just business
Skeletons gathering dust in the closets
All their favorite sins

You’re just another new plebeian
A grain of sand in the colosseum
Only one champion in the arena
 [Notice how the singer flashes a one-eye sign on this line, like the only winner is the Illuminati itself and not any of its puppets.]
So let the games begin

(Another chorus)


Darling, if I tell you then I’ll have to kill you
Darling, if I tell you then I’ll have to kill you, oh
Darling, if I tell you then I’ll have to kill you
Darling, if I tell you then I’ll have to kill you, oh

[That goes on for a minute, and then it’s hard to catch, but the last line of the bridge actually changes to:]
Darling, if I tell you then I’ll have to kill me, oh

Alt. Chorus:

I tell you as the cosmos, so the soul [This is clearly a reference to the occult maxim associated with Baphomet, “As above, so below; as the universe, so the soul; as within, so without…”]
And you may think you know me, but you don’t
So go on and enjoy the magic show
[As in hide your head in the sand if you want, just enjoy the distractions, the bread and circuses, but it won’t change what’s really going on behind the scenes.]
But I’ve seen things, I’ve seen things

The song closes with the line from the bridge, Darling, if I tell you then I’ll have to kill me, as if the person in the song is trapped and one of them now, and no matter what they do they can’t talk about what’s going on if they don’t want to be suicided.

It may also be worth noting that the lyric video features Eye of Horus imagery.

Anyway, that’s one possible interpretation of it. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, or maybe see if you noticed anything that I missed.

What do you think?

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4 months ago

I don’t even know who she is! Stupid voice, blatant signs and symbolism …


4 months ago

More like “Is this woman dancing or having a stroke?”

Bloody awful.