Top 100 ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Became ‘Conspiracy Facts’

BOOOM! Here’s 100 Confirmed Conspiracies From the Last 75 Years!

Whenever the establishment uses the term “conspiracy theory” and order the mainstream media to smear anybody daring to ask questions about an issue, there is a very high chance the issue they are talking about will later be confirmed as a conspiracy fact.

After all, the term “conspiracy theory” was coined by the CIA to smear anybody who dared to ask questions about the official narrative surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

This non-comprehensive list of 100 confirmed conspiracy facts shows why we have a DUTY to be skeptical and critical of our governments, corporations and other large institutions. Via AMG:

Purpose: To indicate why we have a RIGHT to be skeptical and critical to our governments, corporations and other large institutions.

 1. 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing- FBI closed an investigation into a KKK-organised church bombing in 1963 that killed 4 children, despite knowing the suspects, they refused to share information with police and blocked them from being charged with federal crimes until 1977.

2. Acteal Massacre- 45 indigenous people who were part of nonviolent anti-government activist groups praying in Mexico are shot by paramilitaries in 1997, with it being revealed in 2020 that the Mexican government was responsible for the massacre.

3. Albanian Subversion- USA and UK try to overthrow government of Albania using ex-nazis, fascists and anti-communists from 1949 to 1953.

4. Andre Cools- Belgian socialist politician was shot and killed in 1991, exposing massive corruption in the two major socialist parties of Belgium.

5. Angolagate- French government secretly buying weapons from Central Europe and selling them to Angola during a civil war in the 1990s in exchange for oil.

6. Aseveliakseli(Finnish Wikipedia) – CIA funds political parties in Finland throughout the Cold War.

7. Ballets Roses- Politicians in 1950s France attended ballets by teenage girls that ended in orgies.

8. Battalion 3-16- CIA trained army batallion in Honduras responsible for killing and kidnapping political enemies in the 1980s

9. Belgian stay-behind-network- Belgian deep state possibly linked to neo-nazis and terrorism.

10. Betty Van Patten- Black Panther Party bookkeeper found murdered in 1974, likely by the Party.

11. Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts- Pakistan covertly funding terrorism and insurgencies in India to undermine the state.

12. Bob Denard- French soldier and mercenary who overthrew and attacked multiple African governments during the Cold War. Related to Francafrique.

13.  Bhanwari Devi- Indian midwife who slept with multiple high-ranking politicians killed after trying to blackmail them in 2011.

14. Cannes and Nice attacks- Rare example of a non-state and non-corporate conspiracy on this list, neo-nazis bombed immigrant hostels in France in 1988 and attempted to frame the French Jewish community in order to provoke a race war between French Jews and French Arabs.

15. Chicago Seven- Arrest of 8 left-wing political organisers in Chicago following a riot started by police. Trial involved jury tampering, a biased judge, gagging and chaining a defendant, wiretapping and ignoring key witnesses.

16. Chico Mendes- Brazilian union leader, environmentalist and indigenous rights activists murdered by wealthy landowners in 1986.

17. CIA activities in Laos- From 1964 to 1973, the CIA dropped 270 million bombs on Laos. Feel free to do the terrifying math on that and calculate bombs dropped per month, week, day and hour. They also got involved in drug trafficking!

18. Corruption in Mauritius- So bad it needs its own article, covering 27 events since 1979 to 2020 from simple bribery networks to murder of political activists.

19. Craig Williamson- Spy who carried out terrorist attacks and assassinations for the South African government in the 1980s.

20. Chuka Massacre- British soldiers killed 20 unarmed civilians, including 1 child, in Kenya in 1953. Military investigation findings are never made public, the government initially denies the massacre and there are massive obstructions of justice.

21. Coniston Massacre- Australian police and vigilantes kill between 31 and 200 people in a single massacre in 1928. The government attempts to minimise wrongdoing by the police in the eyes of the public.

22. Daniel Morgan- Private investigator investigating police corruption murdered with an axe in a pub car park in London in 1987.

23. Daphne Caruana Galizia- Maltese journalist who exposed political and corporate corruption despite being arrested multiple times and threatened with libel, she was eventually killed in a car bombing.

24. Dikko Affair- Nigeria and Israel tried to kidnap a Nigerian ex-government man in London… in 1984. You gotta admire intelligence agencies for their humour sometimes.

25. Dioxin Affair- Belgian government covers up contaminated meat and eggs being sold throughout the country.

26. Dirty Thirty- At least 35 NYPD cops were involved in drug trafficking until being caught in the 1990s.

27. Eileen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez- Two Filipino university student murdered and raped by a corrupt mayor in 1993.

28. Enrico Mattei- powerful Italian civil servant who built the state-run oil industry killed by a plane bombing by an unknown group.

29. FBI-MLK Suicide Letter- FBI tried to make MLK kill himself in 1964.

30. FIFA Corruption Case- Senior members of FIFA engaged in fraud and money laundering.

31. Filiberto Ojeda Rios- FBI agents kill Puerto Rican revolutionary and fugitive in a shootou in 2005. The shootout broke local laws and the FBI used military-grade weapons against a civilian, blocked medical personnel from the area and delayed access for Puerto Rican forensic scientists investigating the crime scene.

32. Francafrique- System of political, military and financial power that France uses to retain power over former African colonies.

33. Fred Hampton- Him and another Black Panther Party member were murdered in a raid on his apartment, police lied about what happened during the shootout, claiming they were far more threatened than forensics indicated they were.

34. French Connection- Massive criminal scheme from the 1940s to the 1970s of transporting opium from Turkey to France, where it was made into heroin and then shipped to the USA. It operated under the protection of the CIA in exchange for the mafia bullying political enemies of the USA in France.

35. Gerald Bull- Canadian weapons engineer who wanted to make a gun so powerful the Iraqi government could launch things into space. Shot outside his apartment in Belgium in 1990, although officially unsolved, Israel and Iran are the main suspects. Although the USA, UK, Chile, Syria, Iraq and South Africa are all suspects.

36. Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist- presented without comment

37. Guns for Antigua- The government of Antigua and Barbuda bought Israeli weapons using US money and secretly gave them to Colombian drug cartels throughout the 1980s.

38. Gustafen Lake standoff- Standoff between indigenous protesters and Canadian police in 1995, Canadian government leads a smear campaign and plants an IED.

For the rest of the list click here: SOURCE  or here: SOURCE

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1 month ago

This topic should be the most voted.

1 month ago

Not to offend anyone but at least half of these can hardly be called as “facts” since many of these are still not officially proven to be true.
The other half is disturbing enough by its own though…

1 month ago
Reply to  Noth

I really despise you point-dexter types. Out of all the conspiracy facts listed, not to mention all the evidence this very website has to offer in terms of exposing the psychopathic nature of criminality in general AND the absolute corruption of governments & so called “justice systems”, you still find time to say stupid s**t like this?!

Let it happen to you & yours & we’ll see if your still singing that same song you ape (clearly I’m offended)

19 days ago
Reply to  Whoa

Geez, why so butt hurt? Lol Uh, you do know apes are smart and strong, right? Oh, never mind you were complementing noth.

1 month ago

As for the filipino couple murdered by a corrupt mayor, the mayor was imprisoned so… It wasn’t a conspiracy. There are devious conspiracies in Filipino History though.

1 month ago
Reply to  john

How is that not a conspiracy?