Exposing insanity pays off: School scraps controversial 'no contact' rule as head apologises for upset caused (

The Huddersfield Road school said that ‘no student should ever be touching another student’

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3 months ago

I don’t blame kids for thinking how stupid adults are these days.

3 months ago

After almost two years of no hugs or smiles, from 2020-about 2022, even from best friends, and family members, people are ready to be human again, and want to tell the deep state and all of their minions who try desperately to keep people fearful and apart from one another to suck a lemon.
Faith and fear do not go together. If we have faith, we have no need for fear, and when people have fear, it is pushing out their faith.
So hug one another, hold hands, etc.

Another thing that is funny, is how prevalent pedophilia has been in those who are to be taking care of our children (and paid through our taxes might I add). Even in government and in businesses such as Disney, big time pedophiles have been caught. So they are telling kids not to hug one another? Not to hold hands? Not to shake hands upon meeting one another? While they run around doing drag queen story hours and the least holy things you could ever think of? These satanic goons need to be put in their place.

Allow decent and normal human interactions, and shut off the perverse. The end. It’s not that confusing, but tell that to those who are paid off and tempted to be evil.

3 months ago
Reply to  Hope

Ew. You want kids to touch each other.