The enormous increase in minors identifying as transgender has to do with social contagion and Munchausen by proxy

Munchausen syndrome on Wikipedia:

In factitious disorder imposed on self, the affected person exaggerates or creates symptoms of illnesses in themselves to gain examination, treatment, attention, sympathy or comfort from medical personnel. It often involves elements of victim playing and attention seeking. In some extreme cases, people suffering from Munchausen syndrome are highly knowledgeable about the practice of medicine and are able to produce symptoms that result in lengthy and costly medical analysis, prolonged hospital stays, and unnecessary operations. The role of patient is a familiar and comforting one, and it fills a psychological need in people with this syndrome.

Munchausen by proxy on Wikipedia: 

Factitious disorder imposed on another (FDIA), also called Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP), is a condition in which a caregiver creates the appearance of health problems in another person, typically their child. This may include injuring the child or altering test samples. The caregiver then presents the person as being sick or injured.Permanent injury or death of the victim may occur as a result of the disorder. The behaviour occurs without a specific benefit to the caregiver.

Another flood that might be relevant:

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WillieJones Jr
WillieJones Jr
1 year ago

I believe this.

Was in a store in rural NC yesterday, and the cashier said “she’ll take you over there. Sorry, I mean “he”. Sorry, I’m still learning… ”

“He” was a bleach blonde pixie hair- do’ed overweight, face pierced white girl.

Why do conventionally attractive folks not indulge in this nonsense? Why do we not see a Taylor Swift lookalike or a Kim K lookalike trying this?
I could very clearly see the “”I’m a victim”” game being played.

Was nothing about becoming a boy, this person probably dates, possibly dates dudes even.. Or women.. Whichever.

Do I think this person wants to be a boy? No. I think they want to be anyone but themselves for 5 minutes and get attention behind it.

Sharia Wall
Sharia Wall
1 year ago

Had a niece going through mental health issues suddenly decide she wanted to be called Myles and was actually a boy. But she still wore makeup and dated a guy. What the actual f$&@?!? It has been maybe 4 years and now she goes by her real name again. I am convinced she did it for attention and that many others do as well. Makes them feel extraordinary or special? It is messed up!