Archbishop Exposes Freemasonry and Sparks Vatican Showdown (

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò recently published a letter containing explosive accusations exposing the corruption and infiltration of the Catholic Church by Freemasonry. He refuses to comply with summons, sparking a Vatican showdown over allegations of external interference and internal corruption within the Church.

“These subversives – whom the Roman Pontiffs have courageously denounced as enemies of God, the Church, and humanity – are identifiable in the inimica vis, Freemasonry. It has infiltrated the Hierarchy and succeeded in making it lay down the spiritual weapons at its disposal, opening the doors of the Citadel to the enemy in the name of dialogue and universal brotherhood, concepts that are intrinsically Masonic. But the Church, following the example of her Divine Founder, does not dialogue with Satan: She fights him.”

“the documents of the secret sects demonstrate the existence of an infiltration plan conceived in the nineteenth century and carried out a century later, exactly in the terms in which it was conceived.”

“We find ourselves in the surreal situation in which a Hierarchy calls itself Catholic and therefore demands obedience from the ecclesial body, while at the same time professing doctrines that before the Council the Church had condemned”

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11 days ago

May Our Lady pray for the Holy Catholic Church and us all

9 days ago
Reply to  CatholicFellow

Your ‘lady’ is not praying for you or anybody else. She was HUMAN and also needed the salvation and redemption Jesus brought us. Start reading your Bible.

8 days ago
Reply to  CatholicFellow

CatholicFellow, I don’t want to make you feel disrespected and I hope you won’t take this that way, but when you ask “our Lady” to pray for your church, who are you calling out to?
Are you speaking to Mary the mother of Jesus?
Do you believe that her son is who He claimed to be?
If you do, I want to encourage you by the Holy Spirit of our only living loving God that you should never pray to anyone in Heaven or on Earth who is not Him.
Yahweh chose Mary to be the mother of His only begotten Son because of her faithfulness and obedience to Him, but she is a mortal human redeemed sinner just like you or me or any of mankind who places their trust in the LORD.
The fact that the Pope teaches Catholics to pray to or even worship Mary, while that catechismic doctrine might predate the infiltration by the Freemasons mentioned above, it actually jives with the dark agenda of the Freemasons to dethrone our True LORD by all that is fraudulent in His place.
Dig into our LORD’s scriptures if you are unsure about what I’m saying to you right now.
In whom do you place your trust?
If it is Christ first, then there is the beginning of wisdom.
Ask Him to reveal to you by His Spirit any of the ways by which the Popes since Constantine’s Rome have deceived many Catholics to follow false or even blasphemous doctrine.
I am not attacking your beliefs but looking for any potential common ground through which you might recognize the error in praying to a woman who is not and never was God, in hopes that you can find your way out of any false doctrine of your Popes that might hinder your direct relationship with our Creator.
The LORD’s blessings upon you my friend.

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9 days ago