Sexual predator shown support by King of England.

Scum bag Kevin “Handsy” Spacey has received a message of “support” from the King of England, Charles.

Scum support scum I suppose.


Kevin Spacey Said That He Received A Message Of “Support” From King Charles Amid His Sexual Assault Allegations

What do you think?

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29 days ago

Still seems weird to me that these evil creeps in powerful places don’t really try to hide their wicked connections to their partners in crime and sin anymore.
I had grown so accustomed to the shadow government actually hiding in the shadows for so long, and now that they’re not hiding anymore it’s still weirding me out a little.
When I heard on the radio that Spacey was crying in an interview about losing his Baltimore house, I was thinking this guy seems to be extremely welcome in every part of Buckingham Palace.
I wonder what his/their game is?
Do they really want/need the public to feel sad for this scumdrop as if he’s the victim instead of all the men and boys he molested and raped under the protection of the crown?
It seems very weird but I don’t know what they’re playing at.

29 days ago
Reply to  GatesSmasher

Psy-Ops & Psy-Warfare for the main purpose of keeping the ignorant masses in a state of confusion & disarray for keeping them at odds with each other, & Vampirism techniques to then capitalize & feed upon that energy to be put towards whatever they have in mind (mainly world domination).

Their superpower is essentially mind control & physical technology bcuz if they Really had any true occult superhuman powers, they wldnt be putting all their chips in the inferior basket of “Transhumanism”.

22 days ago
Reply to  rick

Financial ruin seems to be the one crippling factor common to the usurpers; money is a symbol for power – and they do live & die by their symbols.

I watched part of an interview he did with PMorgan (?)… he ‘broke down & cried’ when asked about his status; unconvincingly, imo.

The man really is a great actor, even if nothing else is good about him… review the movies “The Usual Suspects” and “The Shipping News” ( a broken clock is right 2x every day)… so why would *anyone* actually believe anything he says ever about anything???

I cannot. Maybe he’s having a humiliation ritual… it’s not beyond possibility.Having to be interviewed by PMorgan is a humiliation by itself.