MK-ULTRA mind-control experiments: Quebec high court says U.S. has immunity in Canada (

The proposed class-action lawsuit is about MK-ULTRA – allegedly funded by the Canadian government and the CIA between the 1940s and 1960s at Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute.

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1 month ago

Which law says that?

1 month ago

Perhaps this is why night paralysis is so prevalent in Montreal….

1 month ago

another kowtowing before the U.S. on the part of the Canadian government.

not long ago, the Meng Wanzhou Huawei saga was to please Donald Trump , Trump even said so; “I use it as a trading card between me and Djjina.” And the Canadian government was left with the headache of dealing with the result. and it received little support from Trump in this matter, for helping to free 2 Canadian citizens imprisoned in retaliation from China.

well, it can’t be worse than the scrapping of the Avro Arrow project, CF-105, secretly under pressure from pentagon.

engineers were taken to NASA’s Space Task Group to become senior engineers, program managers, and engineering leaders in NASA’s manned space programs, Projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. The Space Task Group team eventually grew to 32 Avro engineers and technicians and became emblematic of what many Canadians saw as a “brain drain” to the United States.

  Avro Aircraft’s British parent company contributed to programs such as the HSA.1000 supersonic transport design studies, which influenced the design of the Concorde.
but before that, was the short-lived U.S. Concorde version for the Air Force.
and the famous test flying saucers.

All of this ultimately contributed to the collapse of the Diefenbaker Conservative government in 1963.

It happened again between Boeing and Bombardier, France got away with a magnificent plane, the Bombardier C-Series, for free (paid for billions$ by Canadian taxpayers). then what remains of Bombardier (which was previously Canada Air), the railway division, also taken by France.
American companies corner Canadian companies, while Canadian companies benefit from restricted access to American markets. 
which led to the sale of many Canadian companies to the U.S. multinationals.
and the French government in dealing with Canada was the same as that with the U.S. . the fact, we take from you, give little or nothing and tighten our markets for you.

Yet Canada is still criticized for not doing enough for NATO.

the Canucks will be Canucks, always ready to help thy neighbor to the south, to the east, always giving, little receiving.

but at least they’ve got tim hortons left!

wait, what? that too is sold off to u.s.


well, mk-ultra victims can rejoice that the program is discontinued. well, that’s what they said at first to the church committee, and then…

1 month ago
Reply to  Jameson

i believe these experiments continue to this day, –they just learned to hide them from prying eyes