Sadiq Khan’s ‘Say Maate’ campaign is part of an ugly war on human exchange (

THERE’s been a dusty response so far to “Say Maate!”, the Mayor’s exciting new initiative to stamp out sexism in public spaces. The gist is that when a bloke catches his friend saying something off-colour to a woman, he reprimands him with a reproachful “Maate!”. The friend, abashed, sinks into his corner and mutters something apologetic. And he won’t be in a hurry to do it again, will he? I’m not sure how the woman is meant to react here; I find it useful on the Tube to have a book to bury myself in for occasions like this.

What do you think?

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1 month ago

Just another stupid way to devalue males and shove women into fake victim roles. What are they doing against women having to wear bedsheets on their heads and faces while getting mutilated and killed? Not a thing. They’re concerned with words and crying out sexual assault over everything. Males are so sick of being charged with sexual assault/harassment for , ridiculous things like asking a girl on a date that now they are looking into relationships with life sized robotic dolls. It’s all about population control/reduction. They need new slaves to replace the old, they can’t have us doing things like getting along and breeding amongst ourselves.