98% of Federal Employees are order following Storm Trooper cowards who will obey the next more extreme psyop that the nameless dark sorcerers who are at the top of the dominance hierarchy put into play before 2030. This article courtesy of the all seeing eye of Sauron network. 👁️

I found it because I was talking to a Ukrainian using Google translate, and Google had to butt in and link to Covid stuff at the bottom to make sure any wrong think was reprogrammed.

The WHO are the first two articles listed.

Mockingbird media. Google is evil. Government is slavery.

It is possible their most loyal slaves got special batches. Celebs and politicians certainly did.

If not saline or nothing at all, some other kind of shenanigan technological sorcery.

Because at the very least, they learned that their dogs will obey on command. It’s something not discussed enough.

Most of the world took this up the a*s. And that data is incredibly valuable to those occulted beings.

A lack of integrity. Cowardice.

What do you think?

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Disappointed not surprised
Disappointed not surprised
1 year ago

This was testing the waters for the mark of the beast

Sharine Borslien
Sharine Borslien
1 year ago

I don’t think of it as a test, but a push forward on what the wayward wizards already knew what they could easily get away with. Most people are compliant, pathetic lapdogs who have not one ounce of courage in their hearts.