Twitter is complying with more government demands under Elon Musk (

The company has not refused a single request since Musk took ownership, according to self-reported data

  • Since Musk took ownership, the company has received 971 government demands, and fully complied with 808 of them.
  • Before Musk, Twitter’s full compliance rate hovered around 50 percent; since the takeover, it is over 80 percent.

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7 months ago

Lest we forget Musk’s Halloween costume honored Satan last year. You don’t get to his level of success by thwarting the government or those in power. He is a clever businessman that plays all sides and the elites need someone that they can control that has some public trust. Think about it how brilliant is it that he takes over a failing business that everyone uses to communicate, does things that shows he’s on the side of truth, justice and the American way which lets down the guard of many who would otherwise avoid twitter thus increasing the number of people that use it giving the government valuable insight into their lives. It is demonic if true.

7 months ago
Reply to  JesseJ

Couldn’t agree more. Very well put.