Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names, Including CIA Chief, Goldman’s Top Lawyer (

Some of the notable people Epstein met with include:

William Burns- Director of the CIA

Had 3 meeting scheduled with Burns in 2014. They first met in Washington and then at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse.

Kathryn Ruemmler- Former White House Counsel under Barack Obama

Met with Epstein in Paris in 2015 and Epstein’s private island in 2017. Emails show Epstein and his staff focused whether Ruemmler would be uncomfortable with the presence of young women around his townhouse. Epstein eventually determined she would not have a problem with them.

Leon Botstein- President of Bard College

Epstein joined Botstein on campus accompanied by a group of young female guests. Botstein said he first visited him in 2012 to thank him for his donations to Bard’s high schools. Botstein says he was aware Epstein was a s3x offender, but says “we believe in rehabilitation”. 

Noam Chomsky- Professor and political activist

Flew to New York to join Epstein for dinner at his Manhattan townhouse in 2015 with Woody Allen and his wife/daughter Soon-Yi Previn. 

Ariane de Rothschild- CEO, Edmond de Rothschild Group

Had a number of meetings with Epstein over several years. In 2013 Epstein emailed Rothschild asked for help finding a “female, multilingual, organized” assistant. She also bought nearly $1 million worth of auction items of Epstein’s behalf. 

Joshua Cooper Ramo- Co-Chief Executive, Kissinger Associates

Scheduled more than a dozen meetings with Epstein between 2013-2017. He was also invited to breakfast at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. 

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7 months ago

And NOTHING being done about it. But the DEEP STATE did something about us. Pulled off the Vaccine HOAX , injected us with poison , created the worst inflation ever seen, killed the supply chain. We are taken down this easily because We are NOT ORGANIZED and most likely led by beacons of False HOPE FAKE OPPOSITION. Time to call them out for failing to suggest use the 1st amendment right of ASSEMBLE to organize..

Imagine 100,000 patriots surrounding THE DOJ putting them on notice. GOT ANY BETTER IDEAS? This has been brought up to the big online influencers and they always respond with ineffective IDEAS on fixing any of this. You may want to call them out for using their platform to demoralize their audience with ConspiraPorn sensationalism instead of promoting realistic solutions based on reality’s terms. This nonsense has continued as long as it has because We are not organized.. Too many people have been hurt to continue to expect Fake Opposition to save us.

6 months ago
Reply to  Jack

Australians have just now started to do a class action law suit against the COVID vaccine, something I’ve suggested for a while. I think we should as a country sue them all right up to Schwab and Rothschild’s not just fauci. Everyone is effected by spike proteins negatively and money is all these snakes care about.