New Cosmetic Branding, Same Puppet Masters

Bobbi Brown, who is no longer in any way affiliated with her original namesake company Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (now fully owned by Estee Lauder), has launched a new DTC cosmetics line, Jones Road Beauty, which is getting a lot of positive press. I went to check it out and was immediately greeted by this big fat one-eye sign. How very innovative.

What do you think?

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9 months ago

There are multiple one eye images associated with this brand both on their official site and in emails I’ve received from them.

9 months ago
Reply to  BeeGee

Yeah I saw a few more, too ~ just posted the first one I came across, which took all of 15 seconds. Brown and her husband are major financial stakeholders in a LOT of companies and properties behind-the-scenes, as well, so they’re obviously well-connected with the Powers That Be and are clearly happy to pledge their allegiance accordingly. Shame, it looks like an intriguing product line… but I’m all set. My time and money are my only real voting power in this world, and I vote nope.

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