There are people who this is normal

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2 months ago

I’m a born and bred Texan, and I can tell you that the fact that we are seeing this type of thing happening here, has a lot of us very concerned. I found out some things about our *lovely* governor the other day. Basically, he’s taking money under the table to look the other way about child mutilation, aka transgender surgery, in our state. So I feel like Texas is done for already.

1 month ago
Reply to  KatB.

@KatB. I live in Central California, in a small-ish area that is mostly rural with some agriculture and a lot of wineries. I was having lunch last week with a friend in the neighboring town, population about 30,000. A “couple” walked in; clearly two biological males.

One was tall and slender, dressed like a woman, wearing summery gaucho pants and a loose, flimsy, spaghetti-string top with a deep V-neck, showing off its hormone-created “breasts” on its darkly hairy chest. Thank goodness the “breasts” were small, otherwise they would have spilled out of the loose-fitting V-neck cami. It was flaunting itself around in a ridiculously flamboyant way. Real women *do not* move like these terrible actors. I thought that my friend and I were both going to barf up our lunches, it was so bad.

If this is happening in “good-old-boy farmer country,” it is happening everywhere. And if these are not NPCs but actual human beings that are deeply programmed, we’ve got a lot more to contend with than I originally thought.

Wishing you well.

2 months ago

It’s bad enough when I see adults performing this *abomination of womanhood* that seeks to desecrate the divine feminine as designed by the One True Creator of Life, but as soon as they involve children, I get *extremely* angry.