Nanostructures in Covid "Vaccines" are Not Self-Assembling – They are being Constructed by Micro-Machines (

In his latest revelations, Dr. Nixon played a video he had taken of the contents of a vial of Pfizer’s Covid “vaccine.”

He placed approximately four drops of Pfizer “vaccine” on a glass slide, placed it under a microscope at 200x magnification and filmed the slide for three hours.

In real-time, it appears nothing is happening.

“But look what happens when I speed this up,” Dr. Nixon said.


“It’s apparent we’re dealing with something completely different from self-assembly – this is nano-construction… it’s not assembling itself, it’s essentially, I guess, micro construction.”

Dr. Nixon points to two micro-machines in the video that are working on building the same nanostructure “square” and commented that,

“it’s being put together by, essentially, micromachinery which is coordinated.


You can’t see anything in real-time, nothing seems to be happening. It’s only when you speed it up [you can see it]. I can’t even begin to think of technology that works at those sorts of speeds…


Not only is this happening very slowly but it’s also happening in a coordinated fashion.”

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