An example of innocuous-appearing coded language:

Let’s do a quick decipher. 

He’s referring to apocalyptic horsemen, as he’s referring to the mechanisms and industries that have been given legal control over the masses, and is stating that all these industries need to bond together cooperatively in order to form the One World Management. 

He says it will “shine light”, referring to the works of Illumination, the false light that blinds.

How do we know this light is Illumination..? Because of its fruit. 

A Mimick must be very like the original to be believable. Find where it diverges from YHWH’s truth, and you’ve discovered the trick.

YHWH’s truth ALWAYS produces LIFE.

The Mimicks ALWAYS steal life and hoard the power over it to themselves. 

Fully engaged means the vehicle is in gear and ready to roll. If you know anything about manual driveshaft, 10 speed bikes, etc, it takes a lot of energy and a load of spinning to get the vehicle started, but once it gets moving, you move up through the gears and it not only takes less energy to turn the wheels faster, inertia kicks in and assists the effort. Things are about to kick into higher gear. 

What do you think?

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2 months ago

As i understand it, he refers to an “event” taking place in january 2020 (20.1 as year 20, month 1).
He clearly mentions a new pandemic that will put the focus/light and need for science, policies, health etc thus bringing us closer to the realization of their agenda
He wrote that in january 2019, a year later, january 2020 came to pass, forever changing our worlds.

They scheme in secret against us but the best of schemers is plotting too.

2 months ago

Codes to the nines 😉

2 months ago

Beware the Noahide Laws.