Social control via enforced austerity?'Bonfire Night cancelled in dozens of towns across the UK – are you affected?' (

MAJOR UK cities have been forced to cancel Bonfire Night festivities this year due to the cost of living crisis. Manchester, Leeds, Hackney in London, Cardiff and Glasgow are just some of the areas…

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3 months ago

When I lived in England, our neighbors burned effigies on Nov 5th of Guy Fawkes who planned to blow up parliament. We Americans misunderstood and thought it was a celebration of Guy Fawkes in standing up to tyranny. However, our neighbors were appalled at the thought that anyone would stand up against government. If the celebration of Guy Fawkes death is cancelled then does that mean that Brits now believe that people should stand up against tyranny? does that mean they now believe that Guy Fawkes should be celebrated rather than burned?