Satan Temple is performing unbaptisms for $10 a pop

Satan Temple is performing unbaptisms for $10 a pop

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3 months ago

These reprobates clearly know and understand nothing about themselves.

3 months ago
Reply to  ceetruth

“OMG I can’t wait to get photos of our foreheads. Hehehe upside down crosses and saying hail satan is sooo cute! I can’t WAIT to write 666 on my forehead!!! yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!”

3 months ago
Reply to  Hope

Lol. I’m sure it’s some sort of rebellion to them. Inverting the cross is one of the most disrespectful and ignorant things to do. They’re essentially disrespecting themselves and undermining the generative powers of creation.

3 months ago

How sad..

By doing do, most think they are now part of a smarter/delobotomized fringe of the population; the “chosen” warriors going against the mainstream.

How proud they stand with that ink on their forehead that speaks volume about the emptiness of their mind and soul.

They dont even understand the motives of their master Satan..

They believe Satan is an atheist or hates G-d or doesnt recognize the Greatness of G-d.

Yet he does. He always has. Not one word did he utter against G-d. Not a single one.

The only thing Satan hates are humans.

He is like an older kid jealous of his newly born sibling because the latter takes away his Father s attention and love from him.
The oldest kid start rebelling and the more he is punished and the grander his hatred at that younger sibling.

Does that rebellion means the oldest kid hates the Father?

No, Satan loves G-d like few humans have.

That love is proportional to the hatred he vows at us, whom he thinks took G-d s love away from him. Just imagine the measure of that hate.

If he didnt love G-d, he wouldnt hate us.

So for him, the ultimate revenge is to take away G-d s love for us by making us go astray and make us unmindful to Him. A double whammy.

Satan rejoices right now:
“Hey, look at what has become of that prefered creation of yours who cannot even look at the sky and the earth to acknowledge Your Magnificient Creation and ponder on Your Greatness.

I have tampered with Your Creation so he forgets about You in all his endeavours, whether he eats, is sick, works or walks on earth. Let entertain him so i divert his attention from You. And make him believe this is his purpose of life: live without a purpose.

Look! those dumb as@$ wander aimlessly for i took their empty souls without them even realizing they ve gone far beyond what i expected. Ingrateful til the bone.

And now they “hail” at me; me who has always loved You for i know Your Greatness. Indeed, how ingrateful to You they are.

Because i refused to bow down to Adam, i lost your love..

Look, they now refuse to bow down to You, while You prefered them over me.
They now bow down to me, while i Hate them to the core.

i am happy they ve lost your love so the two of us are now like two punished siblings stripped of their Father s love.

Yes, I havent earned your love back but at least, i got my revenge on them whom lost their love for You and Yours for them.

If only they knew what they have lost..”

3 months ago
Reply to  SoAnnoyed

Wow, most Christians don’t even know or understand the insights you shared which are true and provide insights into the real story…that type of insight/knowledge only comes by the gift of discernment/ Holy Spirit.

The overall narrative we’re given is that Satan wanted to be as God and so he rebelled…and was cast down to earth-story stops there.

We don’t hear the full story… That God created man and commissioned angels (far higher beings then man) to serve/protect man (lesser beings-in every way- than angels).

In a sense, one could understand the frustration that Lucifer may have felt…a divine being, being commissioned with the task of serving mankind…1/3 of the angels felt the same way…

Imagine how we feel when we are in positions of management and asked to do things we consider beneath us..the insult, the indignation. The audacity for someone to ask us to do something we believe to be beneath us.

Satan hates man-for the reasons you stated.

Satan knows God better than Christians, He was with the Father at creation.

Satan can quote the Bible better than the most prolific theologian. He is a divine, angelic being, who is fully aware of our nature and our weakness’ and our ignorance and our foolishness.

Satan mocks these fools who are making a spiritual transaction for $10.00.

Satan knows the implications of that transaction, they do not.

B/C to them, Satan is a symbol of rebellion against an oppressive system…a mythological figure who symbolizes asserting oneself from the status quo….to liberate from a judeo christian dogma that serves to constrain the human essence at its core. He symbolizes freedom and liberation…

They know not what they do…

For $10.00 they gave consent to demons to attach to them. They participated in a satanic baptism that satan hisself does not even bother with-b/c that too his beneath him.

Satan didn’t need the 10.00, He just needed your consent to dispach demons to attach to and torment you.

What they thought was simple mockery of Christ, was actually a contract being signed in the spirit world and an act of consent that gave permission and opened up the door for demons to attach, harass, torment, oppress, exploit, and deprive not only they’re souls, but they’re future generations. (generational curses).

The spiritual world is not to be played with. Anyone who understands anything about the occult does not toy with these things…not even the initiated high priests of luciferianism.

The initiated conduct ceremonies with sigils to contain and constrain the demonic spirts they’ve summoned-knowledgable of they’re powers to kill and possess. The initiated high priests of luciferianism invoke the ancient names of YHWH to bring such demons into submission in fear of loosing they’re lives.

Demons operate by legalities-and when you give them a “legal right”, ie. open up a door through consent like these fools have done…your ushering in death.

The irony is…they have no idea what they just did to they’re spirit/soul partaking in this foolishness.

3 months ago
Reply to  amira

Its all a game…until it’s not.

3 months ago

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” -Jesus

These wandering stars have a deep hatred for life and God. Do they not fear what awaits them beyond? Blind hatred in that they do not see what lies ahead, an eternity of torment. If they think life was rough to them, wait until they experience this times infinity.