LIZ Truss has dramatically RESIGNED as Prime Minister today after just 44 days in office.

They look terribly distressed at their “failure”.  Looks to me like two people who got a fine payday for creating a short scenario of devastation (I don’t know all the details, but these people look quite pleased.)

I couldn’t get this link to post for anything, so here it is if you want to read:

Here is Liz, again feeling terribly down about her historic failure: 

Liz Truss lasted just 44 days as Prime Minister. Ms Truss’ six weeks in office make her the shortest serving premier the UK has ever had.

Most of these attendees look like this is a festive occasion. 

Recall that  this woman was just featured on the cover of The Economist, being worshipped by lizard beings as things blew up and burned all around her. 

Brief job well done…?

What do you think?

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