Kevin Spacey : "My father was a neo-N*zi" (

Over a week after Kevin Spacey’s trial for sexual misconduct started in a New York courtroom, the Oscar winner took the stand this morning in his own defense. 

What do you think?

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corn pop
corn pop
11 months ago

was he bragging!

11 months ago

Unfortunately the apple does not fall far from the tree (the point where we came into this earth plane at), so we do need to wake up to the higher dimension within us. God’s image is within us. The way we discover this is through meditation.

In the Bible it says, “Be still and know that I AM God”. This is the secret. The last thing the satanic evil force wants is for you to wake up. So stop and think. This is why delusion is such a part of life, it’s “job” is to keep us here, stuck, going in circles.

Wakey, wakey.

The sad part is Spacey’s brother is highly troubled as well (*go here; ) and both suffered at the hands of their father and whose mother just stood by as an enabler, apparently.

What happens is we become like our abusers and then do it to others or we become “at effect”, meaning we are attracted to being with people like the ones who abused us over and over until we wake up out of our stupor and realize that we have a choice and can opt out.

*Another link;

But we are all STILL HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR ACTIONS. Spacey is known to be close friends with “certain people” who went to “certain islands” (*at least 26 times according to flight logs) and whose own friends were “found mysteriously dead” when they tried to speak out against him or his “friend”.

Spacey makes his own bed as we all do. Repent of your sins/crimes against God and He can step in. We aren’t being punished, we are reaping according to what we have sown. God is the only way out. This is life and it’s a spiritual experience. God bless you and yours.

Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 12-16-50 Kevin Spacey