Johnny Depp's Demons

Johnny Depp’s Demons

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8 months ago

Really eye opening. I subscribed to the person who made this. He has some great videos!

7 months ago

I watched Sweeney Todd again about a year ago. Got very strong “as above so below” vibes in how the evil we participate in regarding animal slaughter is also being enacted on us by the archons (rulers).


The first law of occult science is “Thou shalt not kill,”
and that should have the greatest weight with the aspirant to
the higher life. We cannot create so much as one particle of
dust, therefore what right have we to destroy the very least
form? All Form is an expression of the One Life—the Life
of God. We have no right to destroy the Form through which
the Life is seeking experience, and force it to build a new vehicle.

Sometimes the objection is made that life is also taken
when vegetables and fruits are eaten, but that statement is
based upon a complete misunderstanding of the facts. When
the fruit is ripe, it has accomplished its purpose, which is to
act as a womb for the ripening of the seed. If not eaten, it
decays and goes to waste. Moreover, it is designed to serve
as food for the animal and human kingdoms, thus affording
the seed opportunities for growth by scattering it in fertile
soil. Besides, just as the ovum and the s***n of human
beings are ineffectual without the seed atom of the
reincarnating Ego and the matrix of its vital body, so any
egg or seed, of itself, is devoid of life. 

If it is given the proper conditions of incubator or soil, the life of the group-spirit is then poured into it, thus grasping the opportunity so afforded of producing a dense body. If the egg or seed is cooked, crushed, or not given the conditions necessary for the life, the opportunity is lost, but that is all. At the present stage of the evolutionary journey, everyone knows inherently that it is wrong to kill and man will love and protect the animals in all cases where his greed and selfish interest does not blind him to their rights. 

The law protects even a cat or a dog against wanton cruelty. Except in “sport,” that most wanton of all our cruelties against the animal creation, it is always for the sake of money that animals are murdered and bred to be murdered. By the devotees of “sport” the helpless creatures are shot down to no purpose save to bolster up a false idea of prowess upon the part of the huntsman. It is hard to understand how people who appear otherwise sane and kindly can, for the time, trample upon all their gentler instincts and revert to bloodthirsty savagery, killing for the sheer lust of blood and joy in destruction. It is certainly a

How much more beautiful it would be for man to play the role of friend and protector of the weak?

h t t p s : / / w w w . rosicrucian . com /pdf_plaza/Rosicrucian%20Cosmo-Conception.pdf

7 months ago

I saw the documentary years ago about the West Memphis three, and I thought at the time that they were treated prejudicially. I know what it is like to grow up a little different in a smaller American town and to be the victim of ignorant people and I do believe some of that was going on. I also thought the case against them was circumstantial. But seeing this and the commitment with which Echols seems to embrace Crowlean Satanic thelema, well, I don’t know if they killed those little boys, but I am more ambivalent about it.