California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread “Misinformation” (

Weighing into the fierce national debate over Covid-19 prevention and treatments, the state would be the first to try a legal remedy for vaccine disinformation.

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1 year ago

The article is blocked, so I can’t read it. Since there is no such thing as cv19 and the entire thing is a misinformation campaign in itself, this is another trick of language. Doctors aren’t trained to make people well, they are only trained to sell drugs that harm people, so talking about treatment of any “health problem” is really false on its face anyway. Talking about treatment of a propaganda illness nobody ever proved to exist is just a big funny joke to “them”. If a real doctor who uses real remedies to treat people talks about illness, none of this language applies anyway, because drugs and fake diagnoses don’t even enter the conversation. This whole campaign is to scare people more into thinking they have no hope, when in reality there are a handful of real physicians who have stepped out of the medical mafia system and are treating people for real health, and not diagnosing them with fake diseases that “must be treated with toxic drugs”. This concept can’t even be comprehended by most people because we’ve all been conditioned to believe doctors are there to help us, when the very opposite is true.

1 year ago
Reply to  Iliketrees

Thank you, Iliketrees, for your straightforward comment . . . and I wholeheartedly agree. (By the way, I call it Covain’t.)

We have all been lied to about pretty much everything since at least the turn of the 20th century. Generational trauma ensued, and here we are with what seems to be about 95% of our beautiful human race completely mind-controlled by the CONs via their cushy-job-keeping career clowns in government, media, education, medicine, agriculture, “science,” religion, sports, and arts & entertainment.