Weird GUCCI TWINSBURG Fashion Show promo video…

Just found this an odd take on what reality is according to GUCCI…

“Reality is both a reflection of self, but also a reflection of the other”

This whole diatribe screams of the dualistic nature of mind control and seems to be describing broken/shattered mirror illusionary reflection triggers. The whole fashion show was all twins walking down the runway wearing weird clothes nobody wears hence the show being called “Twinsburg”. Thoughts of Mengele’s “twin experiments” and later mk ultra twin duality symbolism come to mind when I see the elite commercial fashion and entertainment industry projecting twins on us in this fashion. Here is another Twinsburg promo which is equally odd HERE

What do you think?

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1 year ago

The tone, cadence and mood is very Louis from Interview With The Vampire and also, “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” – very telling for mind control programming, human preying, etc. The tortured demon. Have sympathy for him. He doesn’t want to be evil, he’s just deep.
Seeing her face (but maybe not) in the stream is scrying.
She speaks of illusions, secrets and friends who may not exist in reality, her world sounds like a SIM. Meta.
The SKY tells me things – this is acknowledging the overwriting of thoughts by transmitting and also smacks of sun worship. It conjures the “Cloud” and a belief in and submission to Minority Report.
“Scribbled carefully on the shore” speaks of how fleeting accumulated knowledge is when forces want it gone – it only takes one good wave (or two) – look at Egyptian hieroglyphics for how things can be selectively wiped from modern knowing.

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