New purple M&M represents Wokeism… (

New purple M&M represents Wokeism…

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11 months ago

They are using the character to collect money for “sing for hope” which sounds amazing in title, but in photos does not seem so amazing!!! More like, a possible OWO scam, like many of their so called charities are. How about this photo: a butterfly and Lil Nas X themed piano. Or how about the nice transhumanist event where they made computer/human art under a mural of the same, or the event they held at United Nations, General Assembly Sustainable Development with masked up children singing even in 2022, and that’s all just on the front page.
Makes you wonder what’s happening with that $$$, especially behind the scenes.
I’ll stick with not eating M&M’s, it’s been working fine for me so far!!! And I’ll keep “singing for hope” in my own way too. 🙂