How AI Took Over New York Fashion Week (

“Interestingly, AI has been making waves in the fashion scene for quite some time now, but its use in the industry seems to have skyrocketed since image synthesis tech has finally come of age over the past year. Alongside the use of big data and augmented reality, AI-assisted design is currently one of the hottest frontiers of tech in fashion.”

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1 year ago

I’m selling AI rendered images that I’ve upscaled using Topaz Gigapixel and Denoise + some clean up in Affinity Photo. I’ve got like 100 polished images high enough res to put on an entire wall. Tapestries, canvases, metal prints, stickers, cell phone cases, bed sheets. TONS of dropshipping options for Etsy, Redbubble, et cetera. And it was free save for the aforementioned software that I bought last year.

Check out avyn dot com for free stable diffusion renders or dream studio dot com for a polished and paid API web interface.

I’m also about 70% of the way writing a book using OpenAI’s GPT-3 playground and it has only cost about $10 so far.

You can lament and gnash your teeth about this technology, or jump in now and make a ton of money.

1 year ago
Reply to  stevencasteel

I doubt anyone here will want your soulless non-art.