Followers of social media spirituality influencer accused of 2 murders in Alabama: 'I am a god' | Fox News (

Three followers of social media influencer Rashad Jamal and his cult-like group have been accused of two separate murders in Alabama. Jamal is currently in prison.

They apparently worship the ‘Sun.’ ‘Preach’ about black and Latino supremacy. Also talk about lizard people. 

What do you think?

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27 days ago

Semiliterate racism, so this end is utterly unsurprising.

“It looks like a mental health issue,” Berman said when asked about the signs of someone following a cult might look like. “…They’re talking about things that really just don’t make sense.” – as they wink and smile and validate this thinking throughout media and politics.

You are immersed, so you believe it, but wrong and on your own when you act on the impulses they implant in you and socially signal you to act out.

This is classical herding. You are tempted to believe something that aligns with your inner biases and anger, so it validates you. Media messages feed this belief (purposely) and entertainment messages feed your desires to act out on them in ways you’d never considered.
But when you act out on what you have been given license to believe and to feel, you are left high and dry and suddenly no one can understand how you got so depraved. It is a playbook, it is obvious and replicable how that happened.

”  it’s so dumb. Lizard people and aliens.”  — same old lie, Satan doesn’t exist, blah blah blah. Wash, rinse, repeat. If we cannot or will not identify the source problem, we cannot and will not – EVER – be able to fix it.

28 days ago

Weird, notice the 👁 at the end of his message? Also why is he allowed to tweet from jail? Humanity is strange and the internet has made us stranger.