Even "The Daily Wire" is Illuminati now #3

What do you think?

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2 months ago

NO judgment, just my opinion:
I don’t even wear big name brands that advertise on their garments/bags, etc. I don’t think I own a single shirt that has a brand logo, I think it’s gauche. I pay to trot around as a breathing billboard? No. It’s like leaving a price tag on because you paid a chunk and want people to know. My purses are good quality and simple. Who wants to wear this girl’s initials everywhere they go? Has she said or done anything to warrant any such attention? Given her WEF salutes, I’d guess no. People buying this show everyone how easily led they are.
Disappointed in Ben. Not surprised, but disappointed. He’s smart, but I started searching for his one eye photos a decade ago.

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2 months ago

it was probably meant to be ‘illuminati’ or part of the whole plan from the beginning, the whole conservative V liberal thing, look at youtube, if you see channels or people being promoted on there and getting very high views, its not just the algorithm randomly playing out, youtube is complicit in the whole behind the scenes control and manipulating the masses

1 month ago
Reply to  matt

Left and right are both illusions of choice in the political sphere. If you support government, you support slavery / violence against others.