22,000 Colorado Residents Prevented from Turning Up Air Conditioning during ‘Energy Emergency’ (

22,000 Coloradans were unable to adjust their thermostats on a sweltering summer day due to an “energy emergency.”

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27 days ago

In the UK utilities are obsessed with getting everyone on smart meters for their gas and electric supplies. Presented as a way to help you see your usage and help you reduce it. It didn’t reduce anyone’s bills and they also wrote into it they cut cut off your supply remotely.

No thanks. I still get a call every so often offering one.

26 days ago
Reply to  Rosey

They tried putting one on my old house and told me they would do it no matter what I wanted and they would just come back when I wasn’t home. I told them the hell they would and if they dared to do that, they’d be meeting a shotgun and a cop for trespassing in addition to a lawsuit, and I was absolutely going to back that up with action. That seemed to be a language they understood 🙄

26 days ago

I very comfortably live off grid in the middle of 200 acres of woods with no AC in a hot part of the country. I also grew up in GA without AC where summers were 100 degrees almost all summer. Every time someone says “omg I could NEVER, I’d DIIIEEEE!” I laugh to myself because they’re going to be experiencing the exact same thing soon enough, except they will have no control over it and they’ll be in a neighborhood where people will kill each other for a can of beans. Oh, and it turns out you don’t die without AC 😂 I also heat and cook with wood, that I get myself, so while everyone is freezing all winter because their heat is shut off, I’ll be fine with unlimited hot water and heated floors. People love to look at the ones who have chosen to leave the cities and neighborhoods as weird and overly ambitious or whatever stupid thing, but little do they understand they are more rats in a cage than anything and those in the country are still in the cage, but figured out how to open the door and are trying to walk out. The country people city people call stupid are the smartest and most resourceful people I’ve ever met. Get out of your neighborhoods and cities. Land ownership will end some day because the collectivists can’t have it exist, but for now anyone who can get land and get in the countryside can train themselves how to be resourceful for what’s coming.