SICK: New Zealand Judge Declares 12-Year-Old Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults (

A New Zealand judge has told a jury that 12-year-old children can consent to sexual intercourse with adults. 

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5 months ago

Wow. Pedophile judge! They can’t drink beer or have a cigarette but they can have sex with a predatorial manipulative adult huh!

5 months ago

Genitalia respond to external (and internal – mind) stimuli. This is nature NOT consent. Just because a man’s (or boy’s) p***s grows erect and he is also willing to follow through does NOT mean that a girl’s reactions are actual desire. Her body sensitivities are not your license! Nor is any boy’s.
Girls are made to want to fall in love and mature predators distort this for their own pleasures. That is not a relationship, it is a sick commodity. Men, who want the pleasures of a woman, but none of the responsibilities of a MAN. AND grown women who wish to distort and manipulate by providing stimulation and pleasures far beyond maturity levels.
Men (and women) who warp boys are even less understandable, to me. That is entirely demonic and is poisoning the well of the next generations.

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