New Age Cult Video Game "THE CHANT"

Here’s an overview of the game:

“The Chant centres on the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat, which is located on the remote Glory Island. Any positive vibes from the retreat are wiped away entirely when a ritualistic chant goes wrong, resulting in a visiting group’s negative energy unleashing the Gloom, a dimension of cosmic terror. To survive the Gloom, players must uncover a cultish mystery spanning both past and present.

Of course, that isn’t so easy. Other group members are slowly being driven mad from a host of parasitic creatures. These horrors prey on your own fears, and can be fatal unless you carefully balance your mind, body, and spirit. Players can choose to flee or fight with an assortment of spiritual weapons and abilities in an effort to lock away the Gloom and escape from Glory Island.”


What do you think?

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7 months ago

As if the lost will have any power whatsoever to defend against what is attacking them.
It is not their power that will save them.
Psy-op preparing people for the tribulation.