Netflix SANDMAN promo posters

Netflix SANDMAN promo posters:





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8 days ago

And the actor playing Lucifer posted “See you in hell” on her Instagram, I smell good demonic propaganda coming from Netflix…

Steven Casteel
Steven Casteel
7 days ago

That’s a beautiful looking occult portal. Their graphic design team nailed it.

I just watched the latest Corridor video “VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 79” and their guest has been making incredible content in our favorite CGI movies for a long time.

He does it because he’s a big nerd who loves making cool things on the computer.

His boss is the Devil.

Are the crew who make the movie culpable in evil if they continue making content for someone with immoral intentions? Nobody gets to play with giant Mandalorian LED Walls and Unreal 5 unless they wear face masks and shields on set at all times. That’s what the behind the scenes footage of Boba Fet showed. It was so disgusting that it makes me want to spit on the ground.

Selling their souls.

But I don’t want to rail on the guy in the VFX interview. Is he allowed to just go to work and do a good job, or does he need to put his talent somewhere else, even if the money is much lower initially, and possibly indefinitely?

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 5.49.18 PM.png
6 days ago

Also, note how the show depicts the palace of lucifer, or, more specifically, its plaza

cap_Sandman S01E10 00:42:20_01.jpg