Gays Against Groomers Twitter account banned, later restored after backlash (

“We knew that our time here was limited, as big tech openly protects child predators. It really is wild though that Twitter banned an LGBT organization. The absolute state of 2022.”

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1 month ago

Finally someone spoke up. Most of us in the LGBT community are sick of these predators using our community as a shield to further their agenda and destroy the decades of work we did to get the goodwill of society. Makes my blood boil.

Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious
1 month ago

It’s been the plan all along. They tried to shoehorn NAMBLA within the Gay community back in the 70s already, but it failed and they had to back down. Now they’re giving it another try…
It pains me to say, but part of the reason the gay community got their dues was through the support of pdf.files in the government and other organizations. And now they’re coming back asking for their payback… and of course they don’t want money (they have lots of it) but children…
Ever since the 1900 that our ENTIRE world history has been tightly planned and scripted for us… and that specially includes movements like feminism or gay rights, whose adherents meant good but were ultimately infiltrated and blindsided…